Reviews for "Super Ghettio World!"

Relatively funny

Erm, this was ok... Not the greatest... The red writing on the blue background on one of the levels doesnt show very well

epic win

the super mario world song brings alot of memories like: "it's a stone luigi you didn't make it!" or "THAT"S MAMA LUIGI TO YOU MARIO" LOL


It was a funny idea with Mario and Toad being black and ghetto but not much story to it but throwing Sektor in there was a plus,overall it was decent.


I'm laughing at the first thing that supermario1999 says he hates. If he hates violence so much then why is he watching a flash that warns you ahead of time that it contains violence? (Clearly a contradiction). And now for my "constructive criticism"
1. Better sound quality could have helped
2. The sprites had only two expressions;
1. Their normal expressions
2. An expression where you made their eyes bigger to indicate some sort of
by adding more expression you increase the flow of a flash
3. Zomg y j00 keel Mario n Luigi!!!! Teh NOOOOOEEESSS!!!!

Not bad!

Good music but I hate 3 things in the movie. #1:The blood(I hate violence) #2:Mario getting killed (Mario Brothers are my most favorite characters in Nintendo) #3:Luigi getting killed (I like Luigi too)