Reviews for "Super Ghettio World!"


To M14_REAL_2001: Tru dat! That show kicked some major ass!

To the auther:

Bang up job! I loved every moment of it! Ghettio rules! You should really make anoter.

Down wit da man! Heheh...

I like the super mario world cartoon theme

Kudos for that! Wish that was easily obtained outside of Kazaa, which I don't use. Better yet, wish the show was still on...

...anyway it's a good movie. At least the old days still live within me.

ayb and paranoia all in one... :D

lol... great movie here... keep these comin... gave this a 5 too


the last review was obviously written by the artist (if you can call him that) himself...dude get a life!

damn shorty

omg this rocked i love you Jacob i will stalk you forever