Reviews for "Super Ghettio World!"

Very good

this should go in the main video gmae page.


Man that was great. The part I liked most was how you used classic SNES characters Busby. Keep it up!!!

It's all the same...

The music definitely wasn't anything special. You didn't have any really catchy tunes. The plot was to kill mario. It never changed. What kind of movie has one plot and sticks to it? Just some constructive criticism. But I must say you stuck to the plot well even though it didn't change. The killing scenes were pretty funny. Especially The one in the black switch place. The one in the castle sorta sucked, though. I loved the graphics. You're movies always have good graphics and nice sprites. I also liked being able to click on the places. You should do this in another movie. This movie was decent, but I just can't watch it over and over like knux adventures. It doesn't have an intriguing story.


This is good. Anyways if you come around "The ultimate Super Mario Bros. Remix" in KaZaa you'll like that. Nice one. but
Wario and Waluigi werent born at Marios. Wario was a bully to Mario when they were kids. Now Wario really hates Mario so he speneds his time counting gold coins. Waluigi just comes in. We all dont know where hes been. Anyways NIIIICE movie.

I didn't like it when Mario kept losing though

Whats up with the "all your base" parody also what song is played when the mortal kombat guy appears and attacks mario and luigi