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Reviews for "Episode 19 - The Butter Man & etc. (w/ meatcanyon)"

i approve of this awsomeness

Meat Canyon is just gonna keep rising like the yeast he is! Never heard this podcast before but wow did I like it keep them coming!

If you don't animate the butter man to this song, I will be extremely disappointed!

But seriously, thank you guys for the kind words!

Sincerely, Father of The Butter Man.

Once Meat Canyon harnesses the tenacity of his unibrow he will become an unstoppable force of nature. Great podcast, guys! The Butter Man gag is fucking hilarious. "Hey, Woah"

So this is where the crickets were finally crickets! And Toast Malone lmao. XD

Love how this goes from that regular interview intro, to the recommendations, to a whole session of mad laughing and almost stand-up comedy-style narrative. Might be my favorite episode yet...

@meatcanyon's pretty entertaining!!! Good talk.