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Reviews for "Neurostique--_--GOA TRANCE"

Solid track

Interesting intro.

The track seems basic but it definately has some complex elements to it. The transitions are smooth. Good groove to dance to for sure. Parts border line a darker edge.

Ice cold piano in there ;]

Sounds like you have the hang of Reason like a pro ;]

Keep it wildstyle!

PERVOK responds:

Thanks for the review buddy, it's been a while since I've seen you around.

I'm just starting to get used to the whole production-dealio with Reason, so I can say I handle it "comfortably". Not like a pro :P

Thanks again, I think I'll drop by your audio page.


Well i havent reviewed you, in a lonngnnngng ass time sooo, yeah, i like this but for me it just doesnt seem like it gets anywhere. Idk, not your best so far with reason, and im sure youll make tons of good stuff with reason =P meh...idk i tried writing a review that wasnt completely pointless and what not heh