Reviews for "-Jumper 2-"

Hey, this is pretty good! (Actually I never expected a second one)

But anyways, I like the major tune and how you play around with it.

Just something, it is a bit too jumpy...

it makes me feel good like the 1st one but you mised the oportunity to name it some thing else in the picture for the first one's video on yt one of the knight's sections was brighter than the others and the like jumper could have been the name of that knight and more songs could be made with difrent names for the rest of the knights in the pic just sayin and if you see this tell me what you think of that idea via msg flame id love to know what you think

Hey Flame, Love your Song! Keep it up!

Hey, not bad!
I see enough of Jumper's beat to be a consistent sequel but not overly so to the point of duplication.
Your works impress me a lot and I'm happy your back in the game again!

<3 good song