Reviews for "-Jumper 2-"

This revitalized take on the song is so interesting. I can tell that it's Jumper, but it's also its own complete new thing. Not only does it prove your versatility in being able to portray the same song in two completely different ways, it reprises your progress as an artist who's gone from a spunky young chiptuner to a master of his craft. Albeit a little repetitive, that's something I would expect from a Jumper redux, and everything else makes up for it.

I'm gonna be honest, I didn't really like the original Jumper all that much, but this most definitely leaves a lot more pleasant taste in my mouth (or..ears, I guess?), nice work. :)

INCREDIBLE!!!!! FINALLY!!! JUMPER 2!!!! WOOOOOOOOO!!!!! It's even better than the first!

Nostalgia and feelings revive in me! :D :D :D

Thank you for this great job, you are the best Waterflame, continue like this 🤩