Reviews for "Locust Toybox - Crayon Miracle"

Its a good song

Its such a good song i wish it had words to making it a real full song like it sounds like something from Jack Johnson

Doki responds:

Not a full song because it's instrumental? Jack Johnson? You need to listen to more music.

it's one to make you happy

it puts me in a happy mood


very fun song, puts me in a good and creative mood. amazing job!


your right this song is for chillin!lol in the beginning i bet some people thought this song was gonna Be retarded but after :011 it got ALOT better :D!

Very great chilling music :D

This music is very good, I seems perfect for those lay back days :P. It had a great rhythm and a great guitar beat. I think this would be great to listen to for those long computer work days :P. Great job, please make more great music :D.