Reviews for "Locust Toybox - Crayon Miracle"

Upbeat yet relaxing

This song makes me think of summer time and it makes me happy to be alive. And the guitar kind of makes me think of the Beatles. It's very relaxing, yet I want to get up and dance to it. I love it. Nice work.


nice song for a mario, sonic, or tropical game.
if your going on a island vaction use this.

More great work!

I did not know what to expect from this at all, but it turned out to be something great! I'm becoming more familiar with the "Locust" style music. The title "Toybox" comes to me as being playful and child-like and having a good rythum to it. The music style is sort of dark in that it sounds weird. However, the listener is still able to identify the more pleasant themes of the song, like they presumably should. I also liked how it really paced itself for a song only one and a half minutes long.


this is pretty good overall. and could you make this a ringtone?


I love this song, it's so soothing, and it flows perfectly. Should give yourself a pat on the back and i'll buy you a box of rusty spoons.