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Reviews for "Wheelman trailer"

Live Like

This guy can animate really good. The graphics are awesome. keep up the good work.


Man that was bad ass. Great tune for the scene and everything. All I could think about was gone in 60 secounds. Truely one of the best ones I have seen in a long time


that was awesome! i know it wasent funny or bloody, but your graphics and animation make up for it...........thats too perfect!

oh yeah i went to atom films and i couldnt find you there or any thing to vote about

This Trailer rocks!

*eyes about to pop out of his head*MUST....Watch the Movie...and play.....game!......I....must. ...play!

Damn, All my 5 all belong to you flashes

Man, you just keep making kickass shit, one of my favorite artist...keep up the good work.