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Reviews for "Zelda: Lazy Link"

heh not bad

not bad at all, but you no what wouldve been good was if link when the uncle wakes him up just hurls one of the pots across the room and nails his unce in the head...lol just the thought..but that would change every thing wouldnt it?

i am so this link

if i was link this would of been me throw the flash sleep all day

Link's Uncle, a hero?

Lol who woulda guessed what that old guy was up to, I mean he just dissapears when you get your sword. Anyway awesome movie; very funny too.

Now that's a beat I can shake to!

I've never really played a Legend of Zelda game(besides Oracle of Seasons and a The Wind Waker demo) but I know about it. Say what happened to his uncle in the actual game? Did he die.

Cactaur-Jack responds:

no, he falls passes out, and recouvers after you beet the game

Kind of makes me think.

What would've happened if Link's Uncle took his spot? Lmao, very nice work with the flash. In the beginning I thought it wasn't a very good movie, but the fact you replaced Link's Uncle with Link made me laugh. Good job.