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Reviews for "Zelda: Lazy Link"

why in the hell...

uhh...it sure did make me think, if he listened to his uncle...then he and his uncle and everyone would be doomed...truth is, even if links uncle wasn't injured, how does an old man marry a"princess"
(means she could be like 14 yrs old or something).also, how is links uncle's skin mexican...i never really understood that...anyways that would suck and the thought of it makes me hate you! just the thought of it omg!it just wouldn't happen...

Man you made me hate The Legend Of Zelda just now

Damn you man I really wish you had never crated this flash because it has made me dispise you and The Legend Of Zelda and i really dont like you at this moment.

LOL. That was freakin' awesome!!

This is what Zelda would be like if Link was lazy and didn't care. Link just wouldn't be Link... if he did NOTHING!! (cheesy reinactment... VERB! Its whatcha do!) (i had nothing to do with that saying. Thats why I said it was cheesy.)

No one ever reads this part.

This is awsome, I really never though of what would have happend if it was not for link.


Funny... Too bad it's only funny once though...