Reviews for "Miracle Explosion-Ep#06"


HUGO! WHYYYYYY? I'm gonna go shoot myself now. Have a nice day.

it would be absolutely amazing...

if you got better voice actors. Is it all too hard to get an actual female voice actor?

fourchinnigan responds:

My girlfriend used to do Mellinee's voice, but she didn't like doing it. It became easier for me to just do it than to try to setup time for a female friend to record voices. Next time, I'll probably have a girl do the voices.

I miss the way the girl robot used to look like

but this movie kicked ass I love it!


that was the greatest episode youve ever made. THat was intense. but i cant believe hugo is dead! that totally suxxors! oh well. When are you making more!!! i want to see the rest. that is the greatest series besides crow clock on NG!!!!(i know you make crow clock, so make some more!)

never let any one see pps

this show the ture pps child people evil