Reviews for "Miracle Explosion-Ep#06"


extremely funny about the gay teletubbies being villans but the names should have been nastyr like the green guy be dipshit or something, almost made me cry at hugo each time i wacth this. PLEASE HURRY UP WITH THE REST OF THE SERIES PLEASE!!!

more more more

you left us at such a cliff hanger :9 poor ol hugo y'd he have to die... poor o'l ned, he has to suffer being with a gay red thing


Poor Hugo! How could you kill him off like that? You even made lil' Domo cry!

Other than that, the Teeveetubbies song was extremely catchy.

Great stuff.

You've got a great thing goin here man. I waited for this episode and I can hardly wait for the next few to arrive. But the only thing that I got miffed over was seeing poor Hugo get fragged. Oh well. Weak die. Strong live.


Man, crazy man... What a story! This is a true story with drama, fighting, emotion, death, and so on and on... Do it the next chapter Fourchinnigan, I can't wait for the conclusion of this Epic story...