Reviews for "Miracle Explosion-Ep#06"

good work

sad ending tho sniff.


you know, i first watched the first episode of MX quite a while back, when you hadn't uploaded any others yet. and to be honest, i didn't like it. i didn't understand it and i thought it was a bad attempt at some sort of spoof. then i thought to myself today that i'd "make" myself watch all the episodes, and god damn and i glad i did.

sure, the "comedic" element is a bit weird and not exactly laugh out loud humorous, but the sheer oddness of the series just makes for such a unique and pleasant storyline. i felt really sorry for hugo in the episode where he sits on the beach, talking about being afraid; and then, when he died, i felt really sad.. which is a rare feeling for me when i watch stuff on newgrounds, because most people unfortunately don't have what it takes to bring forth those sort of emotions.

well done. my hat, if i had one, would go off to you.

fourchinnigan responds:

This is probably the best compliment I've received. Thanks :)


THIS KICKS SO ASSSSSS this ssi fukcing awesome

TEEVEE tummies kick ass!


wats w/ the toster oven!?!?! there is no nutity in it cept 4 the chicks ass

fourchinnigan responds:

that is why it says MILD nudity.
The toaster is a powerful relic sought by a dark entity called, Thratskill.

i reviewed the first...

so ill review the last.


ps. im mostly doing this so that the last post dont show up at first.