Reviews for "virtuapikey"


You have some real talent dude, instead of making games you should make movies, you animation and charicter design are next to perfect, you will be big.

awesome game

this game was fucking good... make some more games


This was a fun fighting game. Better than some others. Nice storyline but a little rip from SNATCH lowers your style score.

Damn dirty pikey's... I killed them all!!!

Great pikey beating simulator! This game reminds me of the time I beat the shit out of a pikey and his gang then I took their shitty prize from their rigged game... Yeah, that was a whole 20 minutes ago, the first time I played this game.


I love this game it is so great. I had a harder time beating the hell out of the old lady then I did the little kid with the baseball bat, and the crowbar guy I thought they would be alot harder then the rest.