Reviews for "virtuapikey"

Short and Easy

This game does offer an interesting remake of punch out but that's it. Besides that the game is way too easy and short. I didn't lose once and beat the entire game in less than 3 minutes making the game limited in gameplay and can easily lose the interest of the people playing the game. The sound effects worked good and the artwork wasn't bad. The scripting seemed to work good and progressively got harder. Overall a good layout but needs to be expanded and worked on some more.

Needs one thing to be good.

This game needed one thing to be good. An ending to each bad guy or some type of drama to go a long with the ass whoopings being delt. Sorry man this game was just too easy and way too short.


It's okay. Little short. Pretty difficult, too. In short, fun, but needs to be longer and a little easier for a few levels without such a difficulty spike in the last few people.


Liked punch-out,liked this.Now if only I could not suck at it


This was way more fun than punch out.