Reviews for "virtuapikey"

Loved everything about it!

Great game but if you had to change something making the game longer would be great!

Pretty good!

Nice game and graphics, but maybe a little music.
I bat most of them just by tapping space and pressing up and down :P


hey it was pretty cool

its pretty cool a lil short but very fun i liked beating up the rednecks. lol but besides that thet graphics were very good i kno how hard it is to make a flash so good job for the graphics and the fighting style wasnt too bad either so i gave u a 7 cuz i liked it . ok if ur gonna make another one make more punches and maybe even kicks and when u press the sidebutton u stay there until u let go and maybe be able to get weapons 2 thanx...


this is gay what the fuck


lol cool game make on u should make one with amish people on it