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Reviews for "The end of Pikachu"

not bad...

Good and funny, animations aren't amazing, but good concept,
only real problem from getting an 8 is the length, I would say 30 secs would be ideal,

did rat

its was iight, should have had more ways en killin pikachu. i didn't like that little shit much anyways lol

Pretty funny.

You definately chose a funny sound bite to animate, I laughed at the whole idea behind it. I was impressed by your animating ability, I immediately recognized Arnoldbyt he way you drew him. Like many Pokemon flashes on this site, this falls victim to lack of creativity. About every flash in the Pokemon collection is about killing Pikachu, I just felt it could have been more original.

It was pretty sick the fate that Pikachu had, but the way you animated it made it look very cool. This is really good for a flash dating all the way back to 2003, I'm impressed. The lip sync was decent too. Overall, it was an enjoyable trailer for a movie that I would really like to see. Keep up the good work, and hopefully, I'll be back. Had to include the Terminator reference, this flash has occupied my mind with it.

pretty good

it wazent that long but pretty funny lololololololol


loved it ahhhhh poor pikachu he dies