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Reviews for "DBZFAN 3"


Hey! DON'T STOP! I was waiting AGES for DBZ fan part 3!!! Don't let those fuckers put you down! Althoguh this really didn't continue from part 1 and 2 it was still great! Your skill has improved! The aniamtion and look was cleaner and smoother! this was good! Don't let the fuckers put you down! DBZ ROCKS! I will be submitting my first flash to newgrounds in a few days, it's a flash edition of the first tiem goku turns ssj, and trust me, it will rock.
Anyway, you are getting a 5! I want to ee the rest of DBZ FAN!

djchrispy responds:

your wish is my command.

My analysis

Under close scrutiny, I have come up with this definitive conclusion:
DBZ = GAY PORN!!!!!!111!11!!111!11¡¡¡!!! !!!¡¡¡111¡¡1!!!!¡!! What in the fuck was the point of that movie?

djchrispy responds:

hmmm well who knows man what the fuck WAS the point of that gay movie anyways oh well some people liked it maybe thats cuz they watched the first two who knows anyways thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to say that


Fuck you dude! I have been watching and waiting on your series and you go do some dumb shit like this to me? What the fuck "Newgrounds isn't how it use to be" shit? What is that? DBZ stuff doesn't get blammed instantly, if anything, ALL flashes have a chance now and it has been a change for the BETTER. Don't try to get all serious and think a flash like this is going to make everyone worship you and change the whole community into your dreams again, just make the damn movie I want to see and be done with it! And it better be a long series! I'm voting 5 on this and giving it all 10's just to piss you off!

djchrispy responds:

man i think my whole take on newgrounds was off. i guess what i thought was that like, since all dbz movies that were submitted were blammed into oblivion it was like a tradition that all movies submitted with dbz in the title would be blammed without remorse...but i guess i mean your all just people...not everyone is only in it for the points...i do want to continue the series.who knows mr bombclock maybe i will ;]

Beaten down dogs....

If you had decided to give up, why didn't you just go do something else, instead of giving this half-hearted effort closed by a rant against NG's opinions?

djchrispy responds:

well the truth is the whole episode in its entirety was supposed to be really long...however i got just sick of making flash like i couldnt fucking draw another fucking picture it ws driving me nuts!!! so, looking ahead of me i saw that to continue the series meant a WHOLE LOT of friggin work and i thought newgrounds had become like a cult or something lol but that was before i knew how different things are now. that and..it was the quickest scapegoat to get out of animating any more on the ending. i didnt want all my work to go to waste and i didnt want to make any more so i did what i did...and im not proud of it.

How editorial

I thought it was gonna stink, but message though hard to see is pretty striking.