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Reviews for "DBZFAN 3"

Even better than the last.

I loved the music. ^_^

djchrispy responds:

humor 1?cmon, there was SOME funny stuff in there! But seriously folks this movie is completely random and should not be viewed by anyone. Also, you should have said "I loved the animation ^_^" cuz i didnt make the music!now i feel bad...


Hey now... I've been a huge fan of your DBZ Fan movies since the first one, in fact I have a protection point because I voted 5 on your first movie when it just got on the portal. I was a big fan of DBZ myself but it's gotten boring for me as well, but this does not mean you should stop the series. and Newgrounds has gone leaps and bounds trying to stop good movies from being blammed. Please continue your series with a real episode 3. You could go so far with a story like that, it's something a lot of DBZ fans, and normal people wish would happen to them. It's realistic and great. One more thing, you're art has improved greatly since the first, don't give up yet!

djchrispy responds:

basically what happened with this is i tried to...hmm...how should i put this...i went over my head on making an overelaborate plot. not saying that a good plot is a bad thing, but i went to far into something that was supposed to be a skit...while i was making this i didnt know where it should go...i spent the entire day today making the first scene for part 4 so that means that i can do this but its going to take alot of time and effort.however i am stuck on what to do.i guess my idea is to forget the rob schnieder is saddam skit and go back to the pharmecutical building where rob can reak mass havok on helpless stoner security guards..i need ideas guys please what do you guys want to see


Mr. Chrispy, I was a HUGE fan of your previous work, and was dying waiting for episode 3. The story you had going was soooo great and you could have gone so far with it, but then you make this which was an insult to your series. You and me both know you could do way better. I suggest you do not count this in the series and make a new flash continuing the story and count that as episode 3. If you did that, I would respect you again and be proud of you for trying.. This was ok, but it was a bit of a dissappointment, I'm sure if you continue the series and put effort into it the way it should be done, it will not be blammed, I for one will vote every day for it if you decide to do that. Please don't let one of the best series on newgrounds to go to waste in shambles such as this, please do DBZ fan the justice it deserves. Not only for me and the many other fans, but for you..


djchrispy responds:

i am going to go ahead and remake the end of part 3 instead.this movie took me literally months so i cant just let it go to a complete waste.im going to update it when episode 4 comes out, along with an update of part 2 as well and part 1 has already been updated with a loader and waaay less filesize and stuff.i appreciate your review. if it werent for you 12 people that reviewed this i would not have continued the series. so anywhoo...stay tuned ;)


I enjoyed your other flicks in the past. You've let your best judgment be over ruled by a bunch of unruly fucks. I'm sorry man, but compared to your other stuff, combined with the meaningless garbage in this, and that you made absolutely no point....I'm giving ya a low ball.

djchrispy responds:

i am as ashamed of myself as you are of me.

What the hell man?!

I know you been getting this in all your good reviews, but what the hell. Why? There isn't much else to say about your opinions and all that. It's been covered. But really, why did you call it DBZ fan 3? This wasn't even about your interesting series you had going on. You shoulda called it "A bunch of random shit", cuz that's what it was. Was your character a security guard? I don't know. But the other stuff was funny. Like the Rob Schneider thing (Loosely based off a South Park joke). But hey, continue your DBZ fan thing. And if it's a bad DBZ movie, it'll get blammed. Simple as that. The other DBZ series is still going on, that Dragonball TM. Oh, and one more question? Do you really like DBZ? What was up with that little show? blah blah blah? That doesn't sound like a DBZ fan to me. Well, I'm running out of room. Enjoy the rest of your reviews.

djchrispy responds:

you know man the thing is...i dont know where the hell i was going with part 2 or 3...i think what i was trying to do is have a short storyline-type thing followed by you know some action or whatnot but i have come to realise that with flash you have to beat around the bush a bit with a storyline...i know this movie has no point. it was supposed to be much longer...the filesize was getting big and my patience was wearing thin...i didnt know if i would ever finish it, and then i go and completely destroy it by slapping on some stupid gripe about how newgrounds users blah blah blah...i just...didnt want to get anyone who wanted to see the whole series' hopes up, because it was damned hard to finish it...but you know what ill be damned if im not going to finish it!!!!if i cant take it out of my busy schedule to finish and idea that i started for a reason...then i am a waste of space.nothing more than some stupid fool who started a small (very small) following just to let his people down. you dont know how ashamed of myself i am of this piece.... thanks for your review...i made these things to read the reviews :)