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Reviews for "Night of Fate - Kingdom Hearts"


As a Kingdom fan, thank you and happy 4th of July!!!XD

aaaa SCREw THIS!

I just hate hartless....not song..fasfs

badass man badass

i LOVE this song! my fav level!

Its a start...

I think the piano drowns the rest of the instriments a little.

Could use a little more work.

You have some cool synths going on, along with the awesome overdrive guitar, too. However, when the piano entered, the song kinda fizzled away.

Your piano melody needs some substanance to it--in other words, add a cool effect or reverb or *something* to make the song sound less dead. (not in a bad way, just in musical terms. ;) )

Just before the awesome guitar solo, add some dynamics to the piano build up. Make the volume of the piano get louder, do something with the synth pattern you got going under the build up, and then when the guitar comes in, add a full out drum section to show the listener that you are moving on to another part of the song. Also, add on to the song, it kinda ends very abruptly.

Good concept though! ^_^ I can't wait to hear more from you! :)