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Reviews for "Mmm..Mountains"


my head just exploded from pure awesomeness,good work!

Shadoworen117 responds:

Thank you!! Sorry about your head! I'm sure the awesomeness will put it back together for you if it didn't already! :)



Shadoworen117 responds:

Thank you! :D I agree

How comes EVERYONE but ME draws good?

If i got one year to draw this picture by myself i would fail. Damn good pic BTW. Mountains tastes GOOD :>

Shadoworen117 responds:

Take classes or watch beginner lessons on youtube!! And keep practicing even though you think you suck!
Aside from that, I'm glad you like my piece! :) It has plenty and plenty of room for improvement, just to show you that I feel the same way you feel about really really really REALLY amazing artists out there.

My cup of tea

Humourous and epic at the same time! Great monster design.

Shadoworen117 responds:

Haha yes! I agree *takes a sip of tea*


nn son

Shadoworen117 responds:

damn straight :)