Reviews for "Metroid Parody part 1"

Ha ha ha, I love the preloader

Your preloader brought back a touch of nostalgia to me. Ahhh, the good ol' days when I had to bang my NES against the wall because it would trip out on me. Anyhoo, for this being a sprite based movie, I was really impressed with the way you kept your animation flowing. Usually there are hints of chopiness and noticable gaps between frames, but there were little to none to be detected, at least by me anyways. I liked your door scene, that was pretty funny. I rated your sound choices pretty high because they served their purpose and that little tune at the end fit into to my "what the hell" kind of mood that Ridley was going through, ha ha. The only thing I would suggest is to dive deeper into your plot next time. Nice job, I hope you'll continue your series.

good idea, bad plot

you're a good animator, horrible writer

Liorana responds:

sorry english is not my native langue >_<

Ah... Sweet memories...

Brings back memories (especialy the preloader)from the time when i still sat infront of the tv, playing video games.
Anyway, its very nice done, Im very impressed (if that means anything for you).


I can't imagine how much time you spend ripping all the sprites and scrolls! Loved it.


I loved this video very much, but not the intro.