Reviews for "Metroid Parody part 1"

Loved the truly authentic preloader on this its seriously on par with the actual game which is quite amazing the jokes arent the best but they are still pretty funny same with the overall writing style the artist was going for but I would say for any fan of the era theyd love it I sure did

13 years later and I still love it


i didn't laugh, you have failed me!

Good, but...

Everyone knows Kraid can't jump!

Pretty good parody!

Wow, we got a classic right here. For the most part it still holds up even after 8 years mainly because the sprites and sound effects almost match up with each other like the original gameplay. Jokes are a hit and miss and the writing is kind of sloppy but It brings back memories not to mention I don't see as many good metroid parodies these days.

That said It's pretty enjoyable for any Classic Metroid fan