Reviews for "Metroid Parody part 1"

Great animation.

The grammar could use a bit of work but the animation was perfect. Apart from the Mario bits it looked exactly like Metroid. Somehow the movement and speed was a perfect match to the game.


rofl karaid was cool wtf was those prpl things?
hyper speed run?

Awesome & Funny.

This movie is better. The part where Kraid falls into the lava and lose a life is funny.

did you NOT notice?

okay. im new to NG, and im just gonna write this swiftly in a list

1: Kraid is so fucking FUNNY! *falls in lava* *mario death thingy* ahahahahaha
2: Sammy got infected with a da parasites :O! that is soooooooooo not fun for sammy! SAMMY! DO YOU HEAR ME! SAMMMYYYYYYYYYY!
3: did NONE of you notice creepy music at the end of it? If u pplz ever played Warcraft III or Warcraft III: the frozen throne, thats some creepy music from the game. i heard/saw so many things familiar to me, i signed up to ng to comment about them. i dunno why but i just am.

Anyway, all things are good. Funny, yes. Violent, no. but who needs violence when theres COMEDY! COMEDY FTW!!!!!!!!!!

that is all :D



Well, I must say, you did an awesome job, but I don't have any idea what's going on, but it was very well done.