Reviews for "Metroid Parody part 1"

LOL yes we like it

The people likes it make a part 2 quick quick quick. I loved it. u get 5 because I like it u funny bastard.

Not uncool.

ALl I can say is it BETTER be continuted!

Liorana -chan :D

Hey hey Lio! I've got my own account now, watch out honey! We're gonna rock newgrounds! So... Let's make some comment 'coz this is supposed to be a "review" ^^'. That flash was your best one, for sure, even if you still have work to do in the fascinating world of Flash animation. And this is a message to all those who made very bad and/or lame review : my cat will pee on you.

I really am confused

I mean sure, thwe framerates were smooth and it looked real good, as good as a NES game can get, and the preloader was accurtely funny. But that was it. For the rest of the piece I failed to laugh once as it didn't really seem at all funny. Maybe it's the language exchange or something, but it wasn't humorous in the slightest. Ah well, kudos for making a ice looking parody, but that's about it.

I liked it!

I liked how well you animated stuff and all the sprites you used. It was done quite well. You need to work on the spelling and grammar, though. Other than that, it was nice.