Reviews for "Metroid Parody part 1"

It was okay...

I mean, not very funny, but it was very cool, I wanna see the second part.

Oh My!!

This is great! Please make another. One question where those floaties actually X's?

That was a good videogame movie if ever I saw one.

How the hell did you get it to move so smoothly? I'd swear I was watching the actual Metroid (slightly twisted edition) game being played before my eyes! Loved seeing the Mario-esque deaths for Kraid, who was set back a few coins I noticed. What did he and Ridley want with Mario coins anyway? Not that it matters, but it could lead to a crossover in later episodes (if you make anymore *wink-wink*). Those blobby things were from Lifeforce, but are they supposed to be the *-bit form of x-parasites from Metroid Fusion. If anyone reads this and you have a Gameboy Advance system (or if you've got a GBA emulator), GET IT!!! Samus seems a we bit scary now...O_O


I thought it was going to be a dramatic movie, but then kraid died and i almost shit laughing cause i didn't expect that for shit!! That was funny and you better make a part 2 or i will get sad and fatter.

Very funny!!

Wow, I love the part with the Bowser lookin' thing dies and he dies like in Super Mario.. made me laugh. Very nice use of flash, I'd like to see a part 2.