Reviews for "Metroid Parody part 1"


That was good. Weird, I just beat that game 3 weeks ago. XD Thats great when kraid dies and it shows the amount of lives he has left...thats great. Cant wait for second part..metroid was awesome.

Love it when they die

When the fat dude always died the mario music came on and he would jump off the screen,ha,ha funny funny.The little reset button was awsome,cause i still do that when trying to play a old game on my VERY OLD nintendo.Its all good though,your awsome,dont forget!!! ^.^
- all the love-peace-chicken grease you can have-

you get a ten

Im the biggest Metroid fan ever
so this gets a 10
i had the first Metroid game, the first day it came out


Not the greatest, but very good.

Hut ab!

Für alle Metroid-Kenner, oder Fans ein Fest!

Liorana responds:

Sorry... I'm french.... Not german!