Reviews for "Metroid Parody part 1"

how classic, but funny

great work, i approve highly of this, we all need classic work at times, classic gaming was the best, i wish some video games were still made that way, like classic rpgs for super nintendo, over head and stuff, but with killer graphics, that would be a blast!!


Taking a classic title and making a parody (series) is definitely a great idea. Now this is something everyone has gotta see!


that was kool


Very funny. I hope to see more submissions soon

Good, good.

It was a good flash Ms.Liorana(if you mind me calling you that)but I still think the second one was the best. And I had no idea that you are Canadian, I'am too. Give me a reply or something and we can talk, maybe about the third Metroid Parody(that depends if my profile filled out correctly).

The God Of Death is back from hell...eh?