Reviews for "Metroid Parody part 1"


Wait, was this supposed to be funny? The first minute is watching someone play Metroid, which was boring. Then the storyline (if you can call it that) was nowhere to be seen, and Kraid's deaths were lame. Only saving point, and ONLY saving point, is how smooth it all looked. Try something else, because humor is not for you.

pretty good

I gotta say you are really good
very funny
but you should add some vocals
and try making more fun of the games flaws itself
that would really make it funny

The storyline and all was really bad.

I really didn't like any of the plot. The speech bubbles often contained poor grammar and unfunny sayings.
However, you get a lot of points for the animation. At first I was going to chew you out because I thought you had just recorded over you playing a game of Metroid and editing it. (In fact I'm still not sure) But either way, it looked like the actual thing, and the animation was so smooth too.
I also enjoyed how you did the title screen, with the NES glitching like that, pretty clever there.


Hmmm i was lost at the frist...


ninja, kraid is the overweight dinosaur bowserripoff thing ridley is the purple pterodactyl. and this was very well made for a sprite movie.