Reviews for "Metroid Parody part 1"


csn i ask why did you use that samus graphics of the first game add the third games map and then use the up grades from fusion

Liorana responds:

there is no sprites from other's metroid game..... only metroid 1....look carefully and play the game already

my god that was the coolest thing i ever saw

thats is it was too cool it was so cool ....im going to go watch part2 now

Not Great

It was very slow paced and there was very little acton or humor at all. Nothing much happened in the first part Im hoping part 2 will be a big improvement!

Liorana responds:

get a better computer

Actually pretty good

A good game parody is hard to come by these days. Kudos for the flash and Kudos for picking a kick-ass game.


LOL Stuff.
real like this movie.