Reviews for "Metroid Parody part 1"

haha NICE!

metroid was like the best game EVER back in the day. i miss it! on sega...*sigh* T_T oh well. now theres the NEW game on gamecube which im sooo getting! CHES! anyways haha , good joc with the movie! it cracked me up a few times!


omg to damn funney dude make more of these metroids i wanna c more of this shiznit

Not funny at all

not funny. At all. There was nothing funny about it. No witty dialogue, no slapstick, no cleverly worked in obscenities, etc, nothing. Sort of parodies mario bros, but really weak. Less funny than watching 5 minutes of "everybody loves Raymond." Even if you love metroid, this is nothing but metroid characters moving around and delivering lines (that are not funny lines.)

Absolutely awsome!

This rules, one of the best sprite movies I've ever seen! Keep up the good work.


i love this!