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Reviews for "Eclipse The Mind"


I liked the beginning a lot, which is a huge thing with me. Around 28 seconds it kinda threw me off a little, with the escalading noise, but overall very good job.

Cool stuff

I guess you could call me a fan of the old 90s pop songs or something like that. I enjoyed listening to this as it had a very nice uplifting beat to it that never let down. It was kind of strange, however, when it seemed to suddenly stop at the end and play nothing for 15 seconds. If that was meant to make some sort of statement, good for you. Deep meanings aside, this had an overall fun tone to it and I like it. It hasn't been used for any entry, but it would fit some party thing or something.


This is just my thoughts... (I love Anime... you will see in a sec) but this sounds like something I would use as background music to a huge, dramatic fight scene fight scene between 2 old friends turned enemies.

Either way... lovable song here, mate.

Nice work

I like the whole 90s thing you were aiming at. It had a good melody but the kicks were too weak and the song gets a little noisy, I think. Other than that it was good. It's perfect as background music for games/movies with a lot of action. Keep it up.

Short-Factor responds:

Bah.... thanks.