Reviews for "SiCk NiCk guitar solo"

pretty good!



It really fits with 'Miami Shark' since if you hang onto an plane this song comes out very loudly! Badly the stopwatch only goes to 99:99.
But somehow the scratches don't fit to it.

go go

power rangers!

loved playing miami shark.

feels a little empty but it is a solo.

Work on your timing.

Your playing is good, but you need to work on transitioning your fingers cleaner, and just getting a cleaner overall sound, and work on the timing of your frets, make sure you hit those frets, you don't start bending the notes, cause that's what i've noticed has happened in those high single notes. Great job though in Miami shark.


power rangers theme? show sucked not even sure if thats what ur tryin to do but this was ok ether way...lil work tho