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Reviews for "SiCk NiCk guitar solo"

Let me confess.. I don't make music, i'm one of the worst instrument user ever etc. Yet I simply just got to get this words out of me about this submission. Feels like drowning in the sea, I need save myself! Okay, go - stuff below being cheap :( You should of have made it longer some more, not to mention inserting it even more instrumental sounds, meaning have them done by guitar and not to suggest You trying to invite a little more instruments to join in the fun. So that I ultimately gathering this as too plain to get the things straight forward.

PS: I like so much there sharks, they kinda dance in their games causing havoc when the melody plays...

PS2: I like potatoes, they.. nevermind, I'm about to get this review done, ha!

The song is so popular because the first few seconds are looped in miami shark. Other than that, it doesn't sound very good...

Not really a solo if all you're doing is just hammering. Learn to sweep pick, and make something original.


This is clearly a software guitar and staged viewing... man even if I suck as a guitarist.. I at least have the decency to PLAY A FUCKIN GUITAR!