Reviews for "Lady Vengeance"


Indeed, I think I can see the landscape. xD
Great to see it turned out like this. 10 out of 10.


This is a beautiful drawing. The detail is simply gorgeous. Glad to meet someone who appreciated this film, I know so many people who loved OldBoy then said this movie was terrible by comparison because it wasn't "Over the top" enough. Honestly this was one of the few movies that managed to have me in tears a bit at the end, arguably the best dramatic film in ages.

So yeah, good to find another kindred spirit and someone with such talents to paint a tribute to it. Good going, mate.

PandaGogo responds:

Amen! I loved Oldboy, but this one was heart wrenching. Just because it didn't have the whole Oedipus Rex Greek tragedy-from-hell suffering on the outside going didn't make it less powerful. I loved it, and it made me cry too. Although, when she smashed her face in the cake I lol'd, then I cried 'cause it was so sad. Lol.

Again, awesome!

Again you impress me.. Are sure it's a painting not a photo?.. JK.

nice pic :)

Might eb adumb question, but from looking at her eye: Is she blind?
Aint in the movie afaik. Try to add some colour and it should look better/ not closed.
Once again you showed us your good skills.
Imho the best work of you.


My favorite so far. I love the snow settling on the hair and face, the red around the eyes, and the lack of pupil. This character could be dead or alive. Beautiful. Facial structure is nice as well.