Reviews for "-WritersBlock-River Voyager"

hey that was cool

ok lets start with the melody, its really nice but there is somthing missing. like a filler to acpony the melody. but it is really cool thoe. then ill move to the drum acadences. there good but they should be changed up a bit. but i can tell you worke d really hard. so
can you check, mynew one out its called{gbd} below the atmosphere. thanx
other than that goodworkdude
Peace out

WritersBlock responds:

I didn't want to over complicate it too much, but, yeah, bits could have been pushed out a bit more...
I'll check out your track fairly soon.
Cheers for reviewing!


I found it to be a very catchy toon i liked it allot
its a bit loud when teh drums come in though

WritersBlock responds:

Thanks. yeah, I'm still trying to perfect a smooth drum roll...


But not in my books as Ambience.

The tone is too aggressive and the drums are too complicated for it.

Despite this, It's a fine piece. The melodic strings were chosen very accurately and effort was spewing from it. Good show!

WritersBlock responds:

Ambience? I suppose you're right there, although the drums could have been a lot worse =P The reason I put it in ambience was because I didn't write this with focus on riffs and melodies, I did it to try and capture the movement and flow of rushing water in a river.

Cheers fro the review.

cool beans

Good job with the song. Good luck in the comp.

- S

WritersBlock responds:

Thanks man!

solid theme, flow, weak perc, good imagery.

Again I am hearing those crash cymbols. You seem to like them a lot. Be careful how you use them :D!

The progressive piano really does make me think of a river scene, and the synths you have layered over the piano does a good deal as well imagery wise.

I like how you had a little piano solo near the end, and then how you decided to take the piano at the end.

It also loops well.

I find myself repeating a lot, this songs weakest part is the percussion. The volume levels this time for all the instruments are actually quite pleasent! It's good to hear you grasp a better handle on that!

I can hear your improvement with each song! Keep up the good fight and keep em coming!

WritersBlock responds:

Hey, thanks for the reviews. It was a while ago I said I'd respond to all of these, but I was too lazy, I guess. Anyways, I might as well say that I'm planning to give this song a makeover, add more melodies and harmonies into it, extend it, turn it into a more well rounded piece, although I won't get around to that until some time next year.

Cheers, MaestroRage.