Reviews for "This is godly stuff"

Good to see I'm not the only one...

Submitting as OFTEN as I am! XD

Wow, Drumr, the intro's really got me impressed. You're improving, FAST. :D (Course, you weren't that bad to begin with. :P)

Is that gated synth Vanguard? Either way I really like the progression, unique and creative. Here comes a lead... it kinda changes the song a bit too much, it would have been better if you had built on the gated synth.

Ooh, new section, and those are some great crowd samples! I'm jealous. >:( Ooh, are those one-third beat rhythms? I've played with those but you use them and I can hardly tell the difference between earlier parts in the song. Still, I wish you'd come back in sooner or later with that gated synth... imagine how that would sound! :D

Qualitywise there's not too much to complain about though towards the end of the second section with the weird claps it feels kinda crowded... :\

It's a great song, Drumr! Here's my 5, and download. Keep up the great work. :)

Wheee, breaktrance!

I liked it! It was a very interesting song!

First off, if this is FL, you should use the step sequencer, it is very powerful, rather than slicing beats. It really allows you to add your own touch to it.

I like the snare, its punchy. With a bit of work, it could make a good DnB snare. I don't really like the automated filtered synth, it doesn't seem to fit.

Overall, great song! Keep it up!


very twitchy synth, but came out nicley!
everything fits together pretty well i think.
the transitions could have been better.
but the melodies were great.
great great great job.

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