Reviews for "This is godly stuff"


very twitchy synth, but came out nicley!
everything fits together pretty well i think.
the transitions could have been better.
but the melodies were great.
great great great job.

-A New Decade
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Good to see I'm not the only one...

Submitting as OFTEN as I am! XD

Wow, Drumr, the intro's really got me impressed. You're improving, FAST. :D (Course, you weren't that bad to begin with. :P)

Is that gated synth Vanguard? Either way I really like the progression, unique and creative. Here comes a lead... it kinda changes the song a bit too much, it would have been better if you had built on the gated synth.

Ooh, new section, and those are some great crowd samples! I'm jealous. >:( Ooh, are those one-third beat rhythms? I've played with those but you use them and I can hardly tell the difference between earlier parts in the song. Still, I wish you'd come back in sooner or later with that gated synth... imagine how that would sound! :D

Qualitywise there's not too much to complain about though towards the end of the second section with the weird claps it feels kinda crowded... :\

It's a great song, Drumr! Here's my 5, and download. Keep up the great work. :)


Thats some sexy shit right there.
I was leaning in more for the DnB, and it looks like you pulled through with it.

Gatta love your drums. <3