Reviews for "Haunted House!!"

You've done very well for yourself.

I like this track, it sounds really good, but one thing, the instruments --- I wanted more noise & intensity out of them, I wanted them to scream in my ears... regardless, good job. You've done well for yourself.

Check out Onision.com some time --- it has music that I created... maybe you'll like it.


Love it,that little bell effect is so cute and being a techno fan I enjoy it. Yet,a little more power and a little longer track would be good but hey,I can listen to it for a long time.

Dj-UnKnOwN responds:

haha thanks! It was the breath pad synth in Sytrus for fruityloops, i actually love the synth and use it in many of my songs (Happiness)
Yeah i can agree with more distortedness and length, but i was still sort of new to the program
Thanks for the review and the 9!

Not really that scary... more of action-packed

w/ scary involved. It may lack the creepy factor, but is still good for certain themes.


Great beat. Great feeling. The only flaw is that around 0:44 a little beeping noise loses me. Other than that, it's awesome!

i's like a scary ghost or zombie's chasing you