Reviews for "Haunted House!!"


This is definitly one of my favorite techno songs that i have ever heard. This is the perfect song for a movie like killer clowns from outerspace or anything like that. continue ur career in techno my pal cuz since these are some of ur first songs u are going to be great. this is by far in my opinion ur best song but it could also be that ur other songs just are slower than this...peace out and good luck noob.


hello dj unknown...u may or may not know who i am but i professionally make techno music. this is simply just a second account. but beyond that my techno friend dj sona pawns u like the little noob that u are. ur snares are off, ur kicks suck, and this song makes me vomit in my mouth. y are you such a noob? please answer. thanks for the 4's u techno noob. mr bungie will forever pwn ur life. and tell ur brother i can beat him in halo. dont woory steve this is bubbas account. so enjoy yaself charley murphy in the house..pce mr. noobs berto. I <3 Artemis pCE holmes

Dj-UnKnOwN responds:


Novas review is meant for haunted house!

your best song by far :]

great melodies, check out my new song Take You Away, its complete for now!

Dj-UnKnOwN responds:

heh.. Thank mr \/iz, you gotta get the full version so we can make some sweet shit together.
Anyway, i definatly will check out that song.


I liked how this audio sounded so creepy. This audio would be great for a halloween dance party or something like that. Like you said, It would be good for a scary flash as well. The creepy melodies and rhythems were really good, especially the melodies. The only thing that was bad was the repetivity. I basically liked the style of this audio! Overall, this audio was great and I enjoyed hearing this! Great Work Dj-UnKnOwN! :D

-Thanks for your vote, Seamonky! You voted 4 for Haunted House!!, keeping its score at 4.00. :D


Dj-UnKnOwN responds:

I really appreciate your reviews Seamonky =)! Most of my songs are repetive, as it is quite hard to think up of new melodies and apply them into the same song and make it flow well. Ah well...Try and try again =D

I liked it.

It was a bit bland imo--the drums could've had more variation, the ending was just a *little* anticlimactic, and it would'a been nice if after the Brokenness faded out and came back it switched to a heavier drumline (distorted, perhaps). Sort of like the tune coming back with a vengeance. But aside from that, 'twas good and didn't abuse the usual chords that I could see. I can see it being used to great effect in a sidescroller or platformer or something with ghosts or something harrying the player.

... But that's just me. Not absolutelyspiffingawesome yet, but definately on the way. :D Keep it up.

Dj-UnKnOwN responds:

yea, the drums were a little bland, just the hi hats :P But's it's only my 4th song so i'm still in the 'noob' stage of all my songs.

Thanks for the review, really appreciate it =)