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Reviews for "ParagonX9 - Chaoz Fantasy"

Breaktrance? HOT.

This is sick. Great melody, and it has your VG influence all over it. Great stuff. When you had a preview of this song in your profile a long time ago, I was really hoping you would finish it.

And you did! :3

It's definitely above par, but for some reason it doesn't meet that very very high standards we've all come to expect from you. Just a little little little bit below that ;0

Still great though.

<3 and 5/5

your ParagonX9, enough said

you never will seice to amaze me paragon, your peices are pure cant wait till your next release

its a good tune.

A bit overated, but still its a good tune. Nice use of the old instruments. Keeps memories of the past in contact. Overall good tune.

Keep it /\ man.


omg liek paragonx4 i luv u ur the bestest artist eber.

In all seriousness, glad to see you finally got something new out there. I've been quite a fan of this style of music. Love the Trance + DNB combination. It's great to see that you did something like this. Makes me all happy inside. :)

Now for a suggestion: make the drums a little more powerful. The kick seemed too damp. Could have used a little boost of something. The snare was pretty cool, but could have been a little more powerful. Maybe some reverb or something. Give it a punch that last.

Other than that great job. 5/5 from me. :)



Hardly any knowledge to help ya out in this review, all I know is I fucking love your music and talent. Please continue submitting your work to Newgrounds! ^_^