Reviews for "It Came... From The 90's!!!"


whelp... Someone bring me some Undead Hunters Charms, I want to play some Mario 64 and Ape Escape! (if ya don't get what I mean, Dark souls Mimics fall asleep if ya through a hunter charm at it)

On a serious note, this is a cool looking piece here mate, they looks great. Kinda gives me some Tsukumo-Gami vibes, old consoles that some people stored away, BACK FOR REVENGE! Well either way nicely done, and also sorry for the long comment lol.

SomeTinyCritter responds:

Thank you so much!! I'm glad you like them! ^^

As good as the 64 was that controller was complete ass to use for Mario 64


Awesome! Can we get a N64 console Pokemon? lol

SomeTinyCritter responds:

I think the best we'll get for now is a Rotom possessing a N64, but here's hoping! Hehe

Thank you ^^