Reviews for "Frozen Dreams"

you are cool

Oh, good track. As in the old and good times))) / Эх, годный трек. Как в старые и добрые времена)))

Beautiful work! Love the sound, love the vibe. Put a smile on my face and got my foot bouncing!



I can hear a song calling from within, one i've heard before, i'm not sure about anyone else but I do. 5/5 btwgreatsong.

The mastery is amazing on this piece!
The production level is top notch! :o
I love the sidechain, and how everything is perfectly layered.
The lead is awesome :o
In the off chance you actually see this comment, and there was a free plugin / VST / sample pack you had to recommend to someone who is currently aspiring to be someone like yourself, what would be?
This is so well made, and put together so well, and up beat and relaxed at the same time.
Really love it 🤩🤩😀😍
5/5 - 10/10 Would (and am) listening again! :D