Reviews for "Newgrounds Museum"

nice job there PP

ya it doesnt completely load on my comp. for some reason so i didnt get to see all of it but what i saw was nice(I wish i could draw that well) but i can't *sniff*

poxpower responds:

Thanks for droping by!

I love it!

I think I've found a secret no one else ((That has reviewed, that is) has found...

On secret pic #4, there is another secret pic, making 5 in all, not 4.

Great! I got a question?

Poxpower, where did that picture with the little white seal about to get smacked come from? I remember that cartoon but can't for the life of me remember what it is called? By the way, that was very good.

poxpower responds:

Well, I created the whole picture from Tom's old Ng section: Club a Seal... well... created all but one thing: the seal's head. I wanted to make it very recognisable ( um.. yeah... that's how it's spelled...) to all veterans. Maybe Tom took the picture from somewhere, maybe from that cartoon you're talking about, which I also remember, from the 80's... was it the one where some kids had a bunch of little figurines in a bag and when they threw them on the ground, they became life-size functioning vehicles. Is that it, or did I just imagine it all?

the synj-esq pics were really kewl...

yeah why'd I never ever looking at this before? Uhm cos I am a lazy cunt. yeah that's the one. but you don't need me to blow smoke up your arse, you need me to destroy your fragile ego. why the hell you put music in there? well I guess the atmospher gets a little gloomy without it. yeah good point.
hey I know! In ng museum two you should make it so that you can navigate thru the museum picos school style! er...
OMEG OMEG OMEG!!! The characturecurethingy of wade is so awesome!! And then the pic with they guy weilding all the level icons is also awesome!!!
And yeah you included A LOT of text info. In fact my only criticism would be that you need to present the text better. Yeah well that's small criticism and you'll forgive me won't you?
Ok, ok, ok! What now! Hoo... I know! This'll sit as the most recent review for ages... or not!! Who knows, someone might review this straight after me. Has angstdrillhead reviewed this yet? He's my favourite reviewer...

poxpower responds:

Actually I check my reviews once every few days, because oddly enough, people still review this. Weird.
Well anyways, the 2nd one will be a navigable Museum, and the text will indeed be presented better, but even if all the art is done, my scripter... Misenlinx.. hasn't finished the engine yet. Dunno if he's actually working on it. And Newgrundling was supposed to look around NG for facts, because you know that's the kinda thing I'd expect him to do and like to do.. Well haven't talked to him in a while, I might email him soon to ask where that is going. I am making a game with Magna that is almost done, so that's the next time something from me will be in the portal :)

And keep in mind that when I made this, I was a BBS nOOb. I didn't even know what 1337 meant :P


I'm touched to see this. I've been with NG for...eh longer than I can remember at this point. I visited for several months before joining and this look back brings memories of flashdom simple and brilliant.
Thanks, man
*thanks to T & W!*

poxpower responds:

I hope you went back to see some of the older cartoons too :)