Reviews for "Newgrounds Museum"


alot of stuff from newgrounds i liked it alot not a bad idea at all nice drawings to only thing you should do is make a new one in a year or even now cause alot has happen

Really great drawings.

You are a really great animator,great job. =D

Nice work

Hasnt been done often, but this 1 is great.
Great drawin


nuf said. Keep it up, I'd like to see more. NoSoup: OUT

great i loved it

great job i found all thr easter eggs YaY for those who don't know the cheaters way to finding easter eggs i'm not telling u point blank because ur dumasses but look for someting like this(look below) on your keyboard u dumbass the eggs 10 the first screen with the bio reaal quick and junk 2) the clock clock crew pic 3) the stick slayer pic l<-
look for me!!!!