Reviews for "Newgrounds Museum"


pretty cool i liked the pimp pico shotgun guy rules!!

poxpower responds:

Pimp pico... did I draw a pimp Pico? Oh, you mean JAMES BOND Pico. Yeah, it's pretty cool.
Did you know the Pico/shotgun guy pic is actually " separate images I put to gether because when I first drew them both in the same page, shotgun man looked like crap! So, more history revealed!

One of the best I had ever seen!

I think this can't be improved. It's the best...

The music rocks, the pics rule, and I agree that the shotgun man has won a place in the harts of all newgrounds users. Maybe something about all the other movies about NG, like NG is under attack prt. 1&2

poxpower responds:

Can't be improved? You make me laugh! I'll do one so great... You'll see! You'll all see!


You even mixed famous characters with each other.

I recomend Linkin Park's "Somewhere I belong" as a music loop.

poxpower responds:

Linkin Park? Foo! I probably won't take any loops that are not in the "music" portal section (hey, doing what I can to ensure a better NG!!!) so you probably will never see that... "song" there... And no, you're not supposed to submit commercial music in the music portal! :)

Thanks anyways for DA feedback!


Those were some of the best drawings I've ever seen.

poxpower responds:

Simple review, yet effective.


This movie was biznatch! Really nice drawings by the way. You make Tom proud. Movies great!

poxpower responds:

Yep, I sure do make him proud.. I think. I'd like to work for Ng, it would be cool, and you know what, it might just happen... I won't get paid though...