Reviews for "Newgrounds Museum"

well i found 2

ones on the on the first screen after loading bar wit all the text and another is on the clock crew member pic

bw the transformer tank was SWEET =)


WTF IS HANK!?!?!?!?!
WE WANT HANK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


this is good but whos peblo?


This is quite an impressive work here, your drawings are pretty damn good, and show a real load of time and effort put into them. The thing is though, this is really nothing more than a glorified slideshow, with fan art pictures of all of Newgrounds biggest entries circa 2003. As good as it is, and there is a real wealth of information come the end of it, it doesn't really have much substance to it beyond the first look at the pictures.

Also, the layout was kind of roughlooking at times, for example your reference page or your select a picture page. I think if you'd spent a litle longer working on your menus, this could look like a much more polished entry.


But I really would have liked to see some Blockhead. Blockhead is great. Other than that I really liked the art work. Keep up the good work.