Reviews for "Newgrounds Museum"

The best artwork!

I find it quite ironic that the first thing you ever submitted to the portal turned out to be your best! While we have greatly advanced since then, this is may in fact be the best collection of artwork I have seen on this website. It gets down all of the themes perfectly. It helps you also keep that awesome music (and of course how you can select different things). I do find it odd how this is under parodies when it is a tribute of all things. While I may not agree with you on many things, poxpower, I love you as an artist.

Seriously this belongs in a real newgrounds museum

This took me right back in the day to old school newgrounds. I definitely voted 5 on strawberryclock's collection, but back in the day I though I was gonna get porn! Naive youth... this captures it perfectly. FDA FUCK DAT ASS!

very good and interesting

Its a bit rough round the edges, with text that is hard to read at the size it is, and doesn't fit on the screen when you big it.
The pic need labels and links to their homes.

The music is in badly ended loops and you can end up playing lotas at once.

I am sure you have seen all this before, so good luck in your new version.

hank! hank! hank!



the navigation sucks.